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HyperbaricsRx is your complete Portable Hyperbaric Chamber System solution. We offer convenient purchase payment options including consumer and commercial financing as well as the best Hyperbaric Chamber Rental Program available.

If you only require a Chamber System short term (or just want to make sure Hyperbarics is right for you or your business), renting is a convenient and affordable choice. Our complete rental portable chamber systems are loaded with features, many of which are not even options on competing hyperbaric chamber rentals. The minimum rental period is for one month and continues at the monthly rental rate for as long as you choose.

While our systems are extremely easy to use, to ensure proper set-up and the highest level of comfort our Hyperbaric Chamber Rental Program includes onsite installation and training. One of our Factory Certified ANDI Technicians will come to your home (or office) to install the system and train your family (or staff). We will deal with "the boxes in the corner" completely removing any setup concerns you may initially have. When we're done your family (or staff) will be comfortable with the system, the safety aspects, operations, equipment care, maintenance, and where to get more information. Onsite operator/physician certification for clinics and service providers is available as well. After installation and training we provide standby technical support as part of our unsurpassed customer care and service.

Our rental program eliminates the proportionally high cost of individual sessions; the frustration of waiting in doctor's offices and the time wasted driving back and forth to a clinic or hospital. It overcomes the impracticality of transporting the patient while substantially lowering the cost to a more affordable, achievable modality. Administer Hyperbaric Oxygen* on your schedule, at a fraction of the price of a block of dives.

Systems Available for Immediate Placement

*A doctor's prescription is required. This is not an offer to rent a product or system for any medical application or purpose. Instruction is provided to identify how to safely use and maintain the products being offered for rent, however the intentions and applications for use of this product by the renter is their sole responsibility. Unless otherwise specifically identified in writing, the US Food and Drug Administration has not evaluated the system offered here, products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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